Sustainbility is Key

Sustainability is the future and at the core of our values at TATT. We believe that brands should be sustainable, transparent, ethical and committed to consumer social responsibility.

Along with having a focus on sustainability and fair trade, TATT is committed to partnering and working with the most innovative manufacturing partners and suppliers. It won’t come as a surprise that our clients have been recognized worldwide for their commitment to transparency and ethics. With our incredible manufacturing partnerships and our commitment to the planet, we have all the expertise needed to source sustainably and form sustainable brands.

Not a Fad

Nowadays, sustainability is top-of-mind for consumers. Consumer interest has increased in environmentally and socially-conscious alternatives. A Nielson report found that two-thirds of consumers across the globe are willing to pay more for sustainable goods, regardless of their location or income level. That number is even higher when surveying millennials: Nearly 3 out of 4 shoppers in this age group said they would pay to buy sustainable items. These consumers look for qualities like how environmentally-friendly a company is, how transparent their supply chain is, what materials they are using, and how clear their CSR initiatives are.


Sustainability and transparency are mutually exclusive by current industry standards. Brand transparency is all about being clear with consumers about your value chain. Consumers want to understand how a product is made, from manufacturing to fair labor wages. A lack of transparency perpetuates an exclusive system, where people are expected to trust brands who have continued to put profit and growth above all else. When brands publicly disclose information, it allows anyone to scrutinize their policies, hold them accountable for their claims, and advocate for positive change.

Transparency covers a wide range of social and environmental topics such as animal welfare, biodiversity, chemicals, climate, due diligence, forced labor, freedom of association, gender equality, living wages, purchasing practices, supplier disclosure, waste and recycling, working conditions and more. At TATT, we make sure our brands are transparent with their consumers and that it is communicated throughout their platform.

CSR is the concept that a business has a responsibility to do good. This means that a company should self-regulate its actions and be socially accountable to its customers, stakeholders, and the planet. At TATT we introduce our clients to organizations to whom they can give a portion of their proceeds. We also integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into each brand.

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