What we do

We can help you with every step from sketch to showroom.

The Accessory Think Tank offers expertise in a diverse array of areas to support and develop brand positioning, growth, profitability and success. We take a strategic approach to building your brand by using our deep knowledge and successful track record within the fashion industry in areas like product development, branding, social media, marketing, and sales. We stay on top of trends, take great advantage of our many resources for our clients’ benefit, and we consider our relationships to be the foundation and core of our success.

Brand Collection Development

Honing your creativity to focus and calibrate the design process including:

  • Brand Assortment Development Giving direction and focus to the brand by defining strengths and key items to create a collection that has a unique spot in the marketplace
  • Design Project Management assisting you with the technical design of a collection including creation of tech packs and technical drawings for future development and sourcing opportunities globally.
  • Brand Extensions Working with you in the development of future brand categories and merchandising brand extensions with the overall collection to create cohesion.
  • Planning Developing a solid foundation to grow your business from including.
  • Strategic Planning Assortment planning, product life cycle, key item identification to be efficient on development choices
  • Business Planning Helping you to think through the financial and marketing considerations to build a solid foundation.
  • Investor Presentations Identifying the key elements to share to build support for your brand.
  • Budget Analysis Identifying where to direct resources to have the biggest impact.

Production & Sourcing

Bringing your ideas to life and creating a reliable and transparent supply chain including:

  • Supply Chain Management Leading the creation and management of the supply chain for everything from pre-samples to samples to your end product.
  • Merchandising Calendar Including every step of the merchandising process on a calendar so you always know where you are at and what comes next.
  • Sampling Creating pre-samples and samples of your pieces.
  • Production Management Coordinating the production of your pieces including quality control and transparent communication.
  • Vendor Management Facilitating access to our network of premier global manufacturers, specializing in sample development and production runs of all sizes, and helping you to assess who best meets your needs.
  • Costing, negotiation and pricing
  • Lead times & Minimum Order Quantities negotiation
  • Inventory management
  • Sourcing Helping to identify materials, e.g. leather and textile suppliers and helping to negotiate optimal price points to meet the needs of the market and the brand.


Creating a resonating brand voice that tells your story including:

  • Brand Strategy Working with you to define and build the voice of your company and executing long term strategy that affects all aspects of the business connected to target customers, emotions and competitive environments.
  • Visual Identity Helping you to think through the communication design choices that create a cohesive look and feel for your brand (everything from the brand’s color story to stationery to industry marketing materials).
  • Digital Marketing Creating a strong web presence for your brand and bolstering it with efforts like email marketing, press releases and blogging.
  • Social Media Strategy Developing a strategic daily, weekly and monthly plans to have strong social media presence for you to connect with your customers and incorporating analytical data to build upon strengths.
  • Search Engine Optimization Ensuring that your digital presence is relevant and visible.
  • Marketing Calendar Planning out your marketing projects so that your efforts are cohesive and build off of each other.
  • Content Management Helping you to generate content that consistently conveys your brand’s voice and is relevant to the consumer.

Sales Strategy

Equipping you with the blueprint and research to take your business out to the world including:

  • Retail, Wholesale, and Online Sales Strategy Developing a comprehensive sales strategy that will take your collection to the next level.
  • Targeted Store Research Providing you with our curated list (built over years of constant networking and research) of stores that fit your brand.
  • Market Outreach Strategy to our Accounts Developing a plan for outreach so you know when to contact them, how to contact them, what to say and when to follow up.
  • Communication Delivery
  • Retail Competition Analysis Providing analysis of the retail competition in your category so that you can minimize overlap and stand out.
  • Trend Analysis Delivering trend analysis and reports including our own “real-time” expert research, as well as the most cutting edge research available through published reports.
  • Networking Exposure to stakeholders to facilitate the connections that can widen your brand’s reach.